Benefits of Using Promotional Products as Marketing Tool

Whether it’s a keychain, a water bottle or a tote bag, items with the name or logo of a business printed on them are one of the effective ways to attract customers and build brand appeal. Promotional products give companies exposure for a relatively low cost.

The power of promotional items should not be left out in your marketing strategy because they can help boost the visibility of your business and generate sales. Here are the benefits of incorporating promotional products in your marketing tactic.

Cost-effective marketing strategy

Many businesses can only dream about advertising in magazines, newspapers and TV. But these traditional forms of advertising are expensive and are often hit or miss when it comes to success. Promotional products, on the other hand, are the least costly form of marketing.

They are highly effective when they are given out to the right individuals. The rule of the thumb is that promotional items should be connected to the daily lives of your target market. Good examples of branded merchandise include calendars, coffee mugs, pens and flash drives.

Most consumers use these items for around six months, while some give the items to somebody else. Manufacturers in the promotional products industry offer an array of items for mass distribution at a low cost.

Increase brand recognition

brand recognition

To be easily recognized when consumers see a logo attached to the brand’s name and services is the common goal of all businesses. Promotional items also expand a business’ brand recognition without much effort on the part of the entrepreneurs.

Giving promotional items to consumers can help them recognize your brand’s logo and keep your business in mind. Every time they look at or use the object, they will be more likely to recall what product or service your brand offers.

A quarter of American consumers say their impression of a business is more favorable after receiving brand merchandise. It is also important to choose a promotional item that is related to your business. For example, if you’re a travel agent, try giving out passport cases or beach towels.

First aid kits and pill containers are great options for a doctor’s office.

Increase loyalty of consumers

Everyone likes receiving gifts. Therefore, giving promotional products to your customers can help foster their loyalty. Make sure that the gifts are useful and high-quality products. Customers are more likely to purchase from or use a service of a business that has given them a gift.

Ability to stand out

All businesses want to stand out from the competition. So instead of having the ever-popular notepads and pens as your brand merchandise, why not put your name on unique promotional products like pop socket or trendy drawstring backpack?

One way to stand out is to keep yourself updated with the latest trend that you can put your brand name or logo on. You can also show your brand’s creativity by using a catchphrase that gives your business a personality.

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