Are PBX Phone Systems Your Go-To Business Phone Solution?

There is so much to talk about on matters hybrid PBX solutions. First, there is the structural architecture of this setup. There also is what you must look at when choosing your PBX service provider. Then there are technologies to master, and software updates to keep up with. Maintenance schedules are also a must-consider. And, these issues go on and on, even to include training your employees to use this hybrid phone solution.

But, the discussion around this subject remains partially complete until you understand the benefits from the services that this hybrid phone solution—both hosted IP PBX solutions and conventional phone systems—offer. Yes, the whys and why not’s. So, here is more on that:

Easy scalability

Once you establish your PBX phone system, other VoIP and web-enabled devices that you use in your business can link to and communicate with each other. Better still, this can happen remotely as the PBX phones system is a cloud-hosted service. That comes as an added advantage to addressing your business communication needs as cloud-hosted systems are easy and quick to scale. You now can expand your communication channels as your business grows. And, that is at a lower cost than if you were expanding a physical phone system. You also can add more devices to your existing phone system without much worry about whether the system will hold them.

With such cloud-hosted phone solutions, you can communicate with all your geographically separated offices and field agents with ease. But, on matters scalability, be keen to engage the PBX service company. You require determining the bandwidth that can comfortably accommodate your business’ current and future telephone expansion needs.

Highly cost saving

Operating cost savings conceptYes, you are right; you can realize most of these best if you are having a broad implementation of a hybrid phone system. But, that is not to say that small and medium-sized enterprises cannot enjoy significant benefits from it. First off, as a major element of hybrid PBX phone systems, VoIP phone services, however small, offer basic, core features to every phone solution that you are implementing. Most businesses find the most critical of these features being that VoIP is highly cost-saving. And, that hinges the most on one factor—Reduced maintenance.

The most labor-intensive maintenance in hosted PBX telephone systems is in keeping the hardware fully functional. The software bit of PBX systems maintenance, mostly, only requires upgrading an existing software with a higher version. And, since the largest part of hosted PBX systems is software, your maintenance costs become way lower than if you only had an all-physical phone system.

If you are a first-time buyer of hybrid PBX phone solutions, it is imperative that you first consult your PBX service provider. Understand the particular technologies that the new hosted PBX solution need to come with to integrate perfectly with your conventional phone system. Request the PBX service company to create for you a maintenance schedule that you can follow without straining your business’ budget for IT maintenance. Equally, look into how the various benefits that the hybrid PBX phone system will improve your business’ phone communication.

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