3 Advantages of Installing a Slat Wall System in Your Retail Store

Studies show that the average Australian shopper is spending more time shipping online. But that does not mean you should give up the fight. You can still attract the right customers to your store if you start to think outside the box.

Perhaps the reason why many customers are not buying as they should in your retail store is because of the arrangement of your merchandise. It doesn’t appeal to them. In that case, it’s time to rethink your store’s design. Consider installing a slat wall system as you implement your shopfitting project. It offers several benefits worth considering:

1. It increases the space you can use to display merchandise

The average store size is about 800 square metres. But some are as low as 150 square metres and others as large as 2000 square metres. If you consider your store size a little bit on the smaller side, then it is likely that you have been struggling to display all your merchandise. There is only so much you can do if your floor space is limited to spread out what you have to sell.

But have you ever thought of taking advantage of the vertical space that you have? Installing a slat wall system can help you do that. You can take advantage of all your store walls to do this. And that will increase your display space dramatically.  There are also options that can be installed on aisle structures to increase even more the area for displaying your merchandise. So, instead of being restricted to the floor space that you currently have, you could potentially double that or even more.

2. It helps improve the aesthetic appeal of your retail store space

woman purchasing from a physical store

By installing a slat wall system you will have the opportunity to use your creativity. There are lots of designs for you to choose from, which enables you to add beauty to your space. These systems come in different colours, sizes, shapes, etc.

Slat walls also enable you to free up the floor space ensuring that people can move around better. And that’s not all. The space you free up can be used to bring in additional display tools like mannequins, shelving and clothes racks.

Find a shopfitter if you need professional help to redesign your space. They will be of tremendous help in improving the overall attraction of your store. And that can make it a place where every customer wants to visit and stay in.

3. It helps save money

Displaying your merchandise on the walls instead of the floor or in the storage room improves your inventory controls. It’s easier to keep track of where everything is and less merchandise is likely to get damaged. Also, shoplifters will have a much harder time stealing displayed items because they are visible for everyone to see.

Additionally, when you take advantage of the vertical wall spaces that you have, you may not need to rent more commercial space to expand. And slat wall systems are usually made of durable materials, which mean they will not need to be replaced often.

All these things enable you to save money.

Every time you want to increase your display space without spending a lot of money, prioritise the installation of a slat wall system. Use the available vertical space that you have. And think creatively to improve the attractiveness of your store.

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